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Make your own grunge wallpaper

In this post i will teach you to make a grunge wallpaper.

For this we need two pictures- one human (kurt cobain in my case) and any grunge texture from net.

Step 1
use eraser tool to delete the background of your face image.

Step 2
 use background eraser tool with following settings to provide perfection to image

image after using background eraser tool:

Step 3
apply threshold to the face image layer such that only the basics of the face can be observed

Step 4
drag the grunge texture image into the face image such that the grunge layer is beneath the face layer

Step 5
Select the face layer and in the blending layer options click on the "vivid light" effect.
Step 6
apply "Gaussian Blur" to the image in order to provide the image some smoothness.

Step 7
after this add any text you want on the image using type tool and the tutorial is complete.


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