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Colorful bars wallpaper

Today I'll teach you how to make a colorful bar wallpaper all by yourself. No other image is used in this tutorial. A perfect creation!

Step 1
Create a new page. File > New..   or  Ctrl+N.  Set the image pixel  size as per your monitors resolution
(1280X800) in my case.
Step 2
Add clouds to the main layer with black as the foreground color.
Filter > Render > Clouds

Step 3
Now apply the Mezzotint effect on the clouds.
Filter >  Pixelate > Mezzotint
 this is how the image will look after the mezzotint effect is applied:
Step 4
Now go to: Filter > Blur > Motion Blur
and keep the following settings:
Step 5
Now create a new layer: Ctrl + Shift + N
select the gradient tool and in the gradient editor make a multicolored gradient. The gradient
made should contain as much distinct colors as possible for the vibrant look.
 once the gradient is made, fill it in the new layer with the "linear gradient" selected to get the following:
Step 6
In the Blending Mode select "Multiply" for the New Layer over the original cloud layer to get the following
Step 7
In the layer panel click on "create new fill or adjustment layer" present at the bottom of the panel.
A pop up menu will appear, select "Curves"
In Curves dialogue box select "Medium Contrast (RBG)"

Step 8
Again go to "Create fill or new adjustment layer" and select "Brightness/Contrast.."
increase the brightness and the contrast  such that the image gets more distinguished bars

Step 9
Create a new layer. Select it completely using the rectangle marquee tool.
Now on the selected layer:      Right click > Fill.
Step 10
Now go to the blending options for the black filled new layer and keep following settings:

After applying the blending the image will look like:

Step 11
Now comes the text part. For this create a new layer. Using the rectangle marquee tool make a selection patch on the new layer.
Now right click on the marching ant selection of the new layer and select fill. Fill it with black and reduce the opacity of the layer.

Step 12
Move the Black patch layer as per your choice. I placed it at the bottom on the image to give the
image a clean look.
Now select the type tool. Type your text and apply your desired font. After that click on the blending
options for the text layer.
In the Blending options dialogue box select "Bevel and Emboss" and apply following settings:
Step 13:
Finalize the position and colors of the text and the image is complete.
You can make the lines more distinct by selecting the cloud layers and applying the "Motion Blur" with
same setting for quite more time. Shortcut to do that is: Select the cloud layer and press Ctrl+F as many
times as the need is felt.
(NOTE: Ctrl+F will work in this case cause the last filter effect applied by us was motion blur. Its not a
shortcut for motion blur, rather its a shortcut for last applied filter.)


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