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Graffiti Tutorial: A tribute to Steve Jobs

Hello everyone. This latest tutorial is to pay tribute to the legend "Steve Jobs". Steve Jobs  was a true genius and as the photoshop was developed on a mac, without him none of what we experience today in the graphics and the computer  world would have been possible.
This is the least PS Essential can do pay tributes to the legend.
In this tutorial we will learn to make a wall graffiti.

Final Image Preview:
Final Image

Step 1:
We will start with the below Steve Jobs wallpaper.
 Our first aim is to crop out Steve Jobs from the above wallpaper. We can easily do that by using any selection tool we are handy with(for example i used quick selection tool mostly). After cropping our image will look like:

Step 2:
Now by using free transformation (Ctrl+T), we will resize the image and bring it to the corner of the canvas.
Now duplicate the layer(Ctrl+J). Select the duplicate layer, and go to: Filter>Stylize>Fing Edges. The image will look like:
Again Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur(with radius 1.0) the image will become:
 Now set the blending mode of the duplicate layer to "Overlay". This will make the image like:
Finally merge the two layer by selecting them both using Ctrl and then press "Ctrl+E"
Step 3:
select the following settings:

Now add a white background layer to the image and repeat step 3 on it. This is give:
Step 4:
Generate two duplicates of the layer containing the image and set the blending mode of the topmost layer to "Multiply" and the layer just below that to "Hard Light".
Set the opacity of both the layers to 50% each.
finally merge the layers.

Step 5:
Now use any graffiti font(we used "Amsterdam Graffiti") to type your graffiti text.

 Since we have our text in two lines, we made sure that each text line is in a different text layer, so as to get the ability to arrange them in more versatile fashion.

Step 6:
Right click the text layer > Blending Options > Gradient Overlay.
Set the gradient of your choice. Or simply copy our setting:

Copy the same to the other text layers too(in case you have any).

Step 7:
Again Right click on the text layer > Blending Options > Stroke.
Keep the following setting:

Copy the same to the other text layers too(in case you have any).

Step 8:
Right Click on text layer > Blending Options > Outer Glow.
Copy the same to the other text layers too(in case you have any).

Step 9:
Now arrange the text layers in the desired fashion.
After finalizing your text position select the text layers by holding Ctrl and "Right click" and hit "Convert to Smart Objects"
Set the Blending mode to the smart object as "Hard Light".
Step 10:
Finally add a tribute line in any formal font (Times New Roman used here).


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