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Photoshop make-up

Today i'll teach you how to color your hair, lips, and lens eyes using photoshop. Please don't criticize me if the model looks ugly after the makeup as I'm not good in it, this tutorial is just to give you an idea on how to do that so that you can do better makeup using your own ideas.
original image
final image

Step 1:
Open your image. Create a new layer and in the select "soft light" as the blending mode. Reduce the the opacity of the layer to 50%.
Step 2:
take the brush tool with hardness 0% and select the color you want to give to your hair. On the selected new later, start painting with brush over the hairs. This will give your hair the color effect you needed.
You can use two different layers with same settings to give the highlighter effects.
Step 3:
Do the same to color your eyes, lips and other facial objects. The Opacity of the layers can be reduced or increased in order to increase or decrease the glow, as needed!
have a nice day! :)


  1. how to change the color if the color hair is black?

  2. @Flood_87: sure you can use the same method for black hair if you want to change its color to some other dark colors. in case you want to turn it blond you can create a new layer, color white over hair with soft light as blending mode and then set the following to get the desired result:
    levels, curve and Hue/Saturation(lightness)
    this process may require time for perfection, but it works great.

  3. thanks man. i appreciate the help.


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